FoodMC needs you

FoodMC needs you

Scientists and practitioners from food science, applied mathematics, computer science, you are very welcome in FoodMC Cost Action!

Want to be part of the action?

  • Tell us more about you, fill in the data collection on line
  • contact the Action Chair, Alberto Tonda and the Working Group leader you wish to join

Working Group 1 Modeling food processing-food structure

Working Group 2 Modeling for eco-design of food processes

Working Group 3 Software tools for the food industry

Working Group 4 Dissemination and knowledge transfer

Various skills and profiles wanted!

  • FoodMC does not ONLY need mathematicians and computer scientists interested in food phenomena. Specialists of various aspects of foods and food processes are welcome!
  • FoodMC is not ONLY devoted to researchers. Industry, technical centers, professional organizations, students are welcome!

What do you gain by participating?

  • Increase your network and visibility at the European level
  • Find researchers with skills and expertise complementary to your own
  • Benefit from opportunities of exchange and cooperation
  • Be part of teams that will design proposals

What will be your status?

Being part of a working group will allow you to contribute to the scientific goals of the WG, propose and debate of your own methods and case studies, guarantee an efficient networking to be informed of the WG progress, and the possibility to attend the meetings, workhops, training-schools, etc.

Whether your country is already part of the action or not, your status may be different.

In general, the Management Committee Members (the two first individual of a COST member country to join the action) are eligible for a reimbursement of their travel expenses when attending a meeting. You can check the official list of the MC members here :

If your country is already represented with two MC Members, you can be a regular participant of the Action. Thus, you might be eligible for reimbursement of your travel costs in a few special cases (you become a trainer/trainee in a training school, an invited speaker at a workshop, etc.)

What are the official rules to join the action?

If you are interested in joining FoodMC, there are three possible cases you might want to consider:

1. For institutions belonging to the 36 COST Member Countries and one Cooperating State

a) If your country has not yet accepted the Action's Memorandum of Understanding

Contact your Cost National Coordinator (CNC) who can launch your country's participation procedure in this Action (only possible if national funding for the Actions' activity is available). Once done, the CNC can officially nominate you as a representative of your country to the Management Committee.

b) If your country has already accepted the Action's Memorandum of Understanding,

  • but has not yet nominated 2 representatives:

Contact your COST National Coordinator (CNC) who can officially nominate you as a representative of your country to the Management Committee (MC).

  • has already nominated 2 representatives:

Contact the Action Chair for possible participation in one of the Working Group (WG). This procedure might require a vote by the Management Committee (MC). In the contact e-mail, include:

  1. Name, surname, affiliation, current position
  2. a copy of your CV 
2. For institutions from Near Neighbour Countries and International Partner Countries:

Researchers from institutions in Near Neighbour Countries and International Partner Countries can participate in COST Actions on the basis of mutual benefit, to be approved by the Executive Board on a case-by-case basis. Once their participation is approved, researchers from these countries can participate in a COST Action. In the Management Committee of the Action they are considered as Management Committee Observers (with no right to vote). Additionally, when more than two institutions from the same Near Neighbour Country or International Partner Country participate in a COST Action, they are requested to coordinate their participation, as they can be represented by a total maximum of two members in the Management Committee of a COST Action. Please note that Researchers from Near Neighbour Countries are eligible for reimbursement, whereas researchers from International Partner Countries are not.


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  • For new members: Also, consider creating an e-cost profile on the site , following the instructions on the link "Create an Account" (not mandatory, but it will be required to process possible reimbursements).

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